Charles Hazlewood to present programme on Beethoven for Sky Arts

British conductor Charles Hazlewood's new programme for Sky Arts, 'Beethoven and Me', will explore his relationship with the great composer, focusing on Beethoven's Fifth Symphony


Sky Arts has announced its new season of programmes, which sees the British conductor Charles Hazlewood leading a programme about Beethoven, in the great composer’s 250th anniversary year.


The new programme, titled ‘Beethoven and Me’, will give a detailed look at the composer’s iconic Fifth Symphony, exploring his life and work.

Charles Hazlewood is the founder of the Paraorchestra, made up of disabled and non-disabled musicians. The ensemble will appear throughout the programme, performing excerpts from Beethoven’s works.

Hazlewood will delve into the complicated issues around Beethoven’s deafness and potential autism, with insights given from members of the Paraorchestra.

The programme is due to air in winter 2020.

Sky Arts is now available to watch on Freeview television, while the SkyArts On Demand library will only be available on Sky and NOW TV.

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