What is Ecuador's national anthem?

Ecuador's national anthem's "Salve, Oh Patria!" ('Hail, Oh Fatherland') was written in 1865 by poet Juan León Mera, after a personal plea from the president of the Senate, Nicolás Espinosa,

His lyrics were then set to music by Antonio Neumane and Ecuador's national anthem was born, and it was first performed in 1870, however it would be nearly 80 years later that it was officially recognised as Ecuador's national anthem.

Ecuador's national anthem lyrics

Ecuador's national anthem lyrics in English

Hail, Oh Fatherland, a thousand times! Oh Fatherland,
Glory be to you! Glory be to you!
Now your chest, your chest, overflows,
Now your chest overflows with joy and peace;
???? And your forehead, your radiant forehead
we contemplate shining more than the Sun. ????

The firsts, the sons of the soil
Which Pichincha superbly adorns,
Declared you as their sovereign lady forever,
And shed their blood for you.
God observed and accepted the holocaust,
And that blood was the fertile germ
Of other heroes whom the world in astonishment
Saw rise up around you by the thousands.
Rise up by the thousands!


Ecuador's national anthem lyrics in Spanish

¡Salve, Oh Patria, mil veces, oh Patria!
¡Gloria a ti, gloria a ti!
Ya tu pecho, tu pecho, rebosa,
gozo y paz ya tu pecho rebosa;
???? Y tu frente, tu frente radiosa,
Más que el sol contemplamos lucir.

Los primeros, los hijos del suelo
que, soberbio, el Pichincha decora,
te aclamaron por siempre señora
y vertieron su sangre por ti.
Dios miró y aceptó el holocausto
y esa sangre fue germen fecundo
de otros héroes que atónito el mundo
vió en tu torno a millares surgir.
A millares surgir!