Five composers named Guy…

Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November... What better (!) way to mark Guy Fawkes Night than to discover five composers with the same first name. You're welcome.


Guy Barker (b1957)

Barker is a bit of a musical polymath. Trumpeter, arranger, composer; jazz is most definitely his bag, and he has worked with the likes of the BBC Concert Orchestra (as composer-in-residence), the Britten Sinfonia and Chicago Symphony. He premiered The Spirit of Django at the 2012 Proms and The Obscure Hunt at Aldeburgh in 2013. What a guy… 


Guy Farley (b1963)

This British composer, has built himself a colourful career in commercial music, scoring ad campaigns (Compare the Meerkat, for example), television shows and number of films. His most notable works for the big screen include CashbackLand of the Blind (both 2006) and Modigliani (2004). Away from the screen he has collaborated with pop acts like Duran Duran and the Sugababes. A talented guy…

Guy Jackson

This Guy… is based in London but is, in fact, the composer-in-residence for the Berlin-based videogame studio Jo-Mei Games. He recently wrote the music (and did the sound design, because he’s a clever guy) for Sea of Solitude, the soundtrack of which was released earlier this year by Sony Classical.

Guy Reibel (b1936)

Our only French guy, Reibel was born in Strasbourg and is best known in contemporary classical circles. He studied with Messiaen and attended the Paris Conservatoire. A founder member of Paris’s Groupe de recherches musicales, he is also said to have been behind the concept for the electronic instrument known as the ‘Omni’. He wrote for the instrument, most notably Chants sauvages pour piano et Omni.

Guy Woolfenden (1937-2016)

The late composer was the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Head of Music for 35 years and won an Olivier award for his adaptation of The Comedy of Errors in 1977. He did his schooling initially as a choir boy at Westminster Abbey, then Christ’s College, Cambridge and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.  He composed for theatre companies across Europe, that was on top of some 150 scores for the RSC. Our kind of guy.