Nigel Kennedy - violinist


From wearing Aston Villa strips to expletive-laden banter, Nigel Kennedy is nothing if unpredictable. Generous to a fault with his encores, audiences have been known to miss the last bus home. You’re never quite sure what you’re in for with Nige – that’s part of the magic.

Martin Fröst - clarinettist

Among the many groundbreaking projects the Swedish clarinettist has dreamt up through the years, 2015’s Dollhouse is perhaps his most arresting. Taking on the roles of player, conductor, soloist and actor, Fröst used lighting and props to create a visual feast of a journey for his audiences.

Matthew Barley - cellist

In 2013, Barley travelled ‘Around Britten’ to celebrate the composer’s centenary. But this was no ordinary tour. Barley scoured the country for some extraordinary venues including a cave, a lighthouse and a ruined castle. The concert included improvisations, electronics, plus animations to accompany Britten’s Third Cello Suite.

Aurora Orchestra

Throwing caution to the wind in 2017, the Aurora Orchestra decided to start performing selected works by heart. The combination of discipline and novelty won the ensemble new fans, including those curious to see if the orchestra would make it through Beethoven’s Eroica unscathed…