When was 'Amhrán na bhFiann' (The Soldier's Song') written and composed?

The lyrics for 'Amhrán na bhFiann', known in English as 'The Soldier's Song', were written by Peadar Kearney in 1909-10 and was published in 1912. Peadar Kearney was a republican and composed a number of songs for the Irish cause, including 'The Soldiers Song', which is a rallying call for an independent Ireland


The words were translated into English by Liam Ó Rinn, another republican who took part in the Easter Rising.

In 1916 Amhrán na bhFiann' (The Soldier's Song') was set music by and replaced "God Save Ireland" as the anthem of Irish nationalists. In 1926, four years after the Irish Free State was established in 1922, it was formally adopted Ireland's anthem.

Did you know the Irish Presidential Salute, plays the first four bars of the national anthem immediately followed by the last five?


What are the English lyrics to The Soldiers Song?

Soldiers are we,
whose lives are pledged to Ireland,
Some have come
from a land beyond the wave,
Sworn to be free,
no more our ancient sireland,
Shall shelter the despot or the slave.
Tonight we man the "bearna bhaoil",
In Erin's cause, come woe or weal,
'Mid cannons' roar and rifles' peal,
We'll chant a soldier's song.