Terrible treatments of the piano

We present 4 truly unpleasant ways in which pianos have been treated over the years, which have been, alas, filmed for posterity. Here they are...


Laurel, Hardy and an unforgiving staircase
In 1931’s The Music Box, Laurel and Hardy famously spend hours trying to get a piano up some very steep stairs, only to be met with a horribly ungrateful recipient:


Up, up and away
The American desert. A large catapult. A piano on fire. And wheeeeeeee! What fun… for those who are easily pleased:

Lunch time
Frightening footage from Japan, in the form of the 1977 horror film Hausu. One to bear in mind next time you sit down to have a little go at a Mozart sonata…


Science explained
Some of the world’s greatest scientific brains attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Here they prove that force = mass x acceleration with the aid of a baby grand and a tall building: