Online orchestras and musical activities to take part in during the second lockdown

An up-to-date round-up of musical courses, ensembles and activities you can join for the second UK lockdown and into the festive season

Published: November 6, 2020 at 9:30 am

Benedetti Foundation's Global Violin Sessions: A Cultural Exchange Part One


The Benedetti Foundation has launched its Global Violin Sessions: A Cultural Exchange Part One, which will run from 16 November to 13 December and will include sessions exploring violin music across the globe.

Trumpeter, composer and educator Wynton Marsalis has written a short tune which will be played by Nicola Benedetti. It will then be passed round four countries over three week, with different violinists playing it in each country. Each musician will make it their own, changing rhythms and adding instrumentations etc., explaining to the participants what they are doing and teaching along the way.

On 13 December, the Foundation will host a final day of activities, culminating in the premiere of the short film they will have created throughout the process. The film will be streamed via the Benedetti Foundation's Facebook and YouTube pages.

Click here to join the course.

Jess Gillam's Virtual Scratch Orchestra

Saxophonist Jess Gillam has launched the third instalment of her Virtual Scratch Orchestra, made up of musicians from around the world. This time, musicians will be asked to record themselves playing Leroy Anderson's Sleigh Ride, with parts available for complete beginners who don't read music, as well as for advanced musicians.

The deadline for video submissions is 7pm on Wednesday 18 November.


The entries will be compiled together to create a final video, with Gillam performing the solo. The film will be streamed on Gillam's YouTube channel on Friday 11 December at 6pm.

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