What is the Russian National Anthem and what are its lyrics?

The current Russian national anthem is just over 20 years old, although its melody is far older. Here are its lyrics in English

what is the Russian National Anthem and what are its lyrics
Published: May 4, 2021 at 1:28 pm

What is the Russian National Anthem?

Good question - there have been a few! When the Soviet Union disbanded in 1991, its national anthem, the imaginatively named 'State Anthem of the Soviet Union' – composed by Alexander Vasilyevich Alexandrov in 1944 – was obsolete and Russia required an all-new anthem that would capture the hearts of the country’s people. Enter The Patriotic Song, which served as the national anthem from 1991-2000. However, it never proved popular and, apparently, failed to inspire athletes at international competitions, so in 2000 Alexandrov's melody was revived with new lyrics: the 'State Anthem of the Russian Federation' was born.


Who wrote the words to the Russian national anthem, 'State Anthem of the Russian Federation'?

Mikhalkov, inspired by the history and traditions of Russia, wrote the new words for the old melody.

What are the lyrics to the Russian National Anthem in English?

Russia is our sacred state,
Russia is our beloved country.
A mighty will, great glory -
Your dignity for all time!


Be glorified, our free Fatherland,
The age-old union of fraternal peoples,
Ancestor-given wisdom of the people!
Be glorified, country! We are proud of you!

From the southern seas to the polar edge
Our forests and fields are spread out.
You are the only one in the world! You are the only one -
the native land so kept by God!


A wide scope for dreams and for life
The coming years open to us.
We are given strength by our fidelity to the Fatherland.
So it was, so it is and it will always be so!



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