What are Late Night Proms?

Are you a night owl? Musically-adventurous? Then the Late Night Proms might just be for you!


Proms concerts don’t always start at 7 or 7.30 you know… The annual series of ‘Late Night Proms’ begin at 10.15pm and run for 75 minutes without an interval!


So if you’re a night owl, work late, prefer a bite-sized chunk of live music, or you’re just musically adventurous, look no further.

The programming for the Late Night Proms is usually eclectic, blurring the boundaries of classical music.

Expect new music, surprising artists and out-of-the-ordinary repertoire.

Late Night Proms 2019…

Prom 10 / Thursday 27 July – 10.15pm

Public Service Broadcasting

The cult band is joined by The Multi-Story Orchestra and mark the 50th anniversary of Man’s first steps on the Moon with a new orchestral arrangement of the 2015 album The Race for Space

Prom 16 / Thursday 30 July – 10.15pm

Angélique Kidjo

The three-time Grammy Award-winner makes her Proms debut in this tribute to Celia Cruz, the celebrated salsa songstress, featuring a nine-piece band.

Prom 27 / Wednesday 7 August – 10.15pm

The Sound of Space: Sci-Fi Film Music

A futuristic take on sci-fi music from the silver screen performed by the London Contemporary Orchestra; expect music from the likes of Alien: Covenenant (Jed Kurzel), Gravity (Steven Price), Moon (Clint Mansell) and Interstellar (Hans Zimmer).

Prom 36 / Tuesday 13 August – 10.15pm

Late Night Mixtape

This concert explores the fringes of Minimalism and meditative listening, with a radiant choir and heavenly strings. Calming.

Prom 38 / Wednesday 14 August – 10.15pm

Solomon’s Knot

Another Proms debut, this time from the Baroque collective which performs and all-Bach programme of cantatas.

Prom 54 / Thursday 29 August – 10.15pm

Duke Ellington’s Sacred Music

An exhilarating evening of dance, song and spectacle which takes its lead from Duke Ellington’s acclaimed, boundary-crossing albums. Think jazz, showbiz and spirituality.

Prom 62 / Wednesday 4 September – 10.15pm

Canzioniere Grecanico Salentino

The music/dance group is joined by guitarist Justin Adams and kora player Ballaké Sissoko for a concert of scintillating and sunny sounds from southern Italy.

Prom 70 / Tuesday 10 September – 10.15pm

Johnny Greenwood

The guitarist and composer curates this concert which features a ranges of pieces on a theme of patterning and Minimalism; at the centre is his new work for solo violin and strings.



For full programme information about this year’s BBC Proms, visit bbc.co.uk/proms