What we'd like for Christmas...

Last-minute present inspiration from the BBC Music Magazine team

Published: December 21, 2015 at 12:00 am

Here we go, then. Just four days left until Christmas Day. Being very organised BBC Music Magazine readers, you have, we are sure, already long completed your shopping. However, it's never too late to put one or two further ideas into your head. Here, then, we at the BBC Music editorial team written our own wish list of what we'd like to find under the tree on Friday. Admittedly, not all of our suggestions are entirely plausible…


Oliver Condy, Editor

If anyone fancies buying me a house organ, I’d be most grateful. A proper pipe one, that is, not a digital imitation. It has to have a couple of manuals (at least) and a full-compass pedalboard, and I think at least four or five ranks of stops would be only polite. Thing is, it has to fit into the space between a wall and a chimney breast, so it can’t be wider than 1.54m (or higher than 2.11m). Thanks in advance.

Jeremy Pound, Deputy Editor

Ever since I bought myself an iffy second-hand trumpet for a feature in BBC Music Magazine’s Christmas issue and had a blow or two, I’ve decided that brass is my new calling. Inspired by those majestic parts in the likes of Schubert’s Great C Major and Sibelius’s Seventh symphonies, however, it’s the trombone rather than the trumpet that I’m aiming my sights on. Admittedly, a decent instrument won’t come cheap, so I’m going to have to ask loved ones and friends to club together… and then fork out the rest myself. The neighbours will love it, I’m sure.

Rebecca Franks, Reviews Editor

I’ve only heard Radu Lupu play live once, performing Beethoven and Schumann at St George’s Bristol. It was one of the best concerts I’ve been to, and I would give up all my mince pies and sherry this Christmas for tickets to one of his recitals next year. The only thing is he doesn’t often perform in the UK, so can my present include travel abroad too… ?

Neil McKim, Production Editor

For my Christmas gift I’d really like a ticket (or pair) to Opera at Iford, which takes place in the idyllic setting of a Wiltshire manor house garden. I remember going there as a kid and loving the atmosphere, complete with statues and fountains. This March, to coincide with the Shakespeare anniversary, they’re staging Verdi’s Macbeth with a host of Royal Opera House regulars. It’s only 18 miles from our Bristol office, so transport would be easy.

Elinor Cooper, Editorial Assistant

I’m slowly building up my record library (to go with last year’s Christmas present) so a classic vinyl, such as Sir Georg Solti’s recordings of Wagner’s Ring Cycle or Glenn Gould’s Goldberg variations, would be much appreciated. New pressings of classical vinyl are still quite rare, so the gift buyer may need to go and rifle through some dusty charity shop shelves to find the perfect addition to my collection…


Now it's your turn. What's on your Christmas list? Let us know at music@classical-music.com…

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