Exclusive video: Behind the scenes with Yevgeny Sudbin

The Russian pianist celebrates ten years on BIS records this year.

Yevgeny Sudbin

It's ten years since BIS records signed Yevgeny Sudbin as their only exclusive recording artist after hearing him play just a few bars of Scarlatti. Since his debut disc, they have worked together on nearly 20 recordings. From Chopin to Rachmaninov, Beethoven to Mozart, Sudbin's catalogue is impressive and varied, but it is a return to Scarlatti that will mark his ten-year anniversary with the label.


This exclusive video takes us behind the scenes of Sudbin's latest recording in St George's, Bristol. We hear from producer Marion Schwebel, who has worked with Sudbin since that very first recording, Rober Suff, who signed Sudbin to BIS ten years ago, and Sudbin himself, on what he loves about the collaborative recording process, and why Scarlatti was the only choice for this anniversary recording. 


Yevgeny Sudbin's 10th anniversary disc of Scarlatti sonatas will be released in April 2016.