In our October 2009 issue, we look at 15 performances that have taken place in, um, slightly less conventional places, from upside down in leafy trees to in the chilly waters of the Baltic.


And here, in video form, are seven of said performances:

Swimming with Snapper
Here’s soprano Juliana Snapper, getting wet in You who will emerge from the flood, as premiered at this year’s Queer Up North festival. The flood is in fact a swimming pool. And yes, she is singing …

Bottoms up with Benjamin
Thirsty work, singing. So, all the more convenient that, when the stage lights failed at Royal Opera House earlier this year, there was just about enough room in the Covent Garden bar to squeeze in the singers, orchestra and audience for a hastily relocated performance of George Benjamin’s Into the Little Hill. Cheers!

Busking with Bell
In 2007, top violinist Joshua Bell decided to indulge in a little incognito busking at a Washington subway station. He made $32 in three quarters of an hour. Which is not a vast amount, considering…

Singing flat
Here’s a little moment from Flatpack, the opera-about-furniture that enjoyed its world premiere at the Wembley branch of Ikea in June. The performers, incidentally, were all pre-assembled using an allen key, a few lengths of dowel and a small tube of glue.

Taxi for Paganini!
What’s the best way to stop a London cabbie from rabbiting on? Well, you could always try sitting on the floor of the taxi, taking out your violin and indulging in a little Paganini. Which is exactly what Charlie Siem does here:

In air, on a g string
Taxi? Very mundane. Here’s the Arditti Quartet performing Stockhausen’s slightly loopy Helicopter Quartet. One chopper each, please, and no distracting the pilot.


On top of the world with Leif Ove
Appearing on Norwegian TV? If so, why not follow Leif Ove Andsnes’s example by hoiking your grand piano up a mountain and indulging in a little Grieg?