1) Symphonies Nos 1-9 Liszt made fiendish piano works from all 9.


2) Beethoven arranged his Symphony No. 2 for piano trio.

3) Beethoven’s pupil Ries turned Symphony No. 3 into work for piano quartet.

4) Hummel rewrote Symphony No. 4 for flute, violin, cello and piano.

5) Wagner lent a domestic air to the Symphony No. 9 with his arrangement for piano, soloists and choir.

6) Try the String Quartets in Robert Wittmann’s piano duet version.

7) Conductor and pianist Mikhail Pletnev crafted the Violin Concerto for clarinet.

8) Uri Caine’s version of the Diabelli Variations for jazz piano and orchestra is quirky and fun.

9) Four of the Six Waltzes were rescored for two guitars by Alexandre Heeser.

10) A guitar, lute and bandurria version of the Piano Sonata No. 14 ‘Moonlight’ was written by Antonio López Villanueva


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