Free Download: ‘Depuis le jour’ from Charpentier’s opera Louise

Soprano Ekaterina Siurina joins the Kaunas Symphony and conductor Constantine Orbelian in this aria from Charpentier's opera Louise on the new album 'Amour eternel'


This week’s free download is ‘Depuis le jour’ from Charpentier’s opera Louise, performed by soprano Ekaterina Siurina with the Kaunas Symphony and conductor Constantine Orbelian. The album the track appears on, Amour eternal, was awarded four stars in the October issue of BBC Music Magazine.


‘Siurina sings with a flawless legato and great purity of tone’, writes our reviewer Alexandra Wilson. ‘Nothing here is heavy or forced: every number is delivered with effortless panache. Not only is the voice itself a thing of crystalline beauty, but Siurina inhabits each role with character. It’s easy to dismiss the over-familiar. But this disc would make a perfect gift for someone just about to embark on the journey of discovering opera. Moreover, Siurina has something fresh to say, even to the most jaded of opera buffs.

You can read our review of this album in full here.

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