In this month's podcast, we reflect on some of our favourite concerts that have been streamed online over the past few weeks, and suggest a few to look out for in the coming months. Plus, we discuss the new virtual festival of the arts 'Culture in Quarantine' on BBC Arts.

Also this month, we discuss the fabulous virtuosity of violinist and conductor Maxim Vengerov as he marks 40 years on stage, and Ravi Shankar, whose centenary we are celebrating in our May issue. As usual, we've each brought along a recording we've been enjoying, from an orchestral work inspired by the Canary Islands to a choral piece based on an Estonian folk hymn.


Maxim Vengerov
Ravel: Violin Sonata
Maxim Vengerov, Roustem Saïtkoulov at Carnegie Hall in 2018 (available on Idagio)

Cover CD:
Bruckner: Symphony No. 8
BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra/Donald Runnicles


Freya's choice:
Chigaday (La Gomera) - for Orchestra
Gustavo Díaz-Jerez: Maghek – Seven Symphonic Poems About The Canary Islands
Royal Scottish National Orchestra/Eduardo Portal
Signum Classics SIGCD612

Oliver's choice:
Whilst greater is our poverty, still greater is our blessing
Kreek: The Suspended Harp of Babel Vox Clamantis
ECM 4819041

Jeremy's choice:
Mathias: Harp Sonata, Second Movement: Allegro Vivo
A Vision of Time and Eternity
Michelle Gott (harp)
Naxos 8.574053


This podcast was presented by BBC Music Magazine’s editor Oliver Condy, with deputy editor Jeremy Pound and editorial assistant Freya Parr. The jingles were composed by Christopher Maxim and the episode was produced by Jack Bateman and Ben Youatt.


Freya ParrDigital Editor and Staff Writer, BBC Music Magazine

Freya Parr is BBC Music Magazine's Digital Editor and Staff Writer. She has also written for titles including the Guardian, Circus Journal, Frankie and Suitcase Magazine, and runs The Noiseletter, a fortnightly arts and culture publication. Freya's main areas of interest and research lie in 20th-century and contemporary music.