Christmas 2014

In our special Christmas issue...


The future of the choir
Andrew Stewart assesses the role of choral singing in cathedrals and parish churches


Sing a brand new Christmas carol
Award-winning composer Thomas Hewitt Jones has dedicated a new four-part a cappella carol to the readers of BBC Music. We print the score.

Ding Dong merrily…
Rebecca Franks heads to her nearest belfry to try her hand at bell ringing

Britten at Christmas
How Britten's love of celebrating at Christmas time resulted in a wealth of glorious festive works

Magic moments
Music critics and BBC Radio 3 presenters reveal the single bars in music that make them weak at the knees

Symphonic Tectonics
Rosie Pentreath spends some time in Reykjavík to discover what impact the stunning landscape has on music 

Plus, on your free cover CD…
Christmas carols from Oxford, recorded especially for BBC Music Magazine readers


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