James Rhodes talks to BBC Music Magazine this month, discussing his desire to change the way we hear music in a concert hall. His unconventional approach is shared by violinist Leila Josefowicz, who is interviewed by Clemency Burton-Hill in this issue. She describes how she turned her back on a conventional solo career to pursue contemporary music, and the incredible commissions she has had written for her over the years.


This month, we name the 21 nominated recordings in this year’s BBC Music Magazine Awards. The discs were selected by our expert jury as the best classical releases from the past year.

We look back on the opera stars of the early 20th century, looking back on the behaviour that earned them the title ‘diva’. Plus, violinist Jennifer Pike looks back on the music that has shaped her life.

Elsewhere in the issue, we take a trip down memory lane back to the dreaded music exam. Andrew Stewart examines their role as a major UK export and how they have changed over the generations, talking to musicians about their memories from the exam room. Also this month, Mozart’s incredible operas are under the microscope and Francis Pott selects the best recordings of Nielsen’s Symphony No. 4.


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