A-level Music could ‘disappear’ from curriculum in just over a decade

If the current rate of decline continues, A-level Music will have zero entries by 2033


New research undertaken by the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and Birmingham City University has shown A-level Music could disappear completely from the curriculum by 2033 if the current rate of decline continues.


Fewer schools across the UK are offering A-level Music as a qualification, particularly affecting those those from disadvantaged backgrounds. The research was undertaken across local authorities in the Midlands, where the proportion of students taking A-level Music is just 1% of the overall A-level population. This is a trend that seems to be consistent across the rest of the UK as well.


The report shows that ‘a disproportionately large number of A-level Music entries come from independent schools’, with ‘the most deprived local authorities entering a very small number of students for A-level Music, or, in some cases, none at all.’ The proportion of those taking A-level Music at independent schools has increased over the last few years, while for those at state schools it has notably decreased.