BBC invites listeners to remix Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony

DJs, musically trained or otherwise, have been invited to create their own remix of Beethoven's iconic Symphony No. 5 for potential broadcast on BBC Radio 3 to celebrate the great composer's 250th anniversary


BBC Radio 3 has launched ‘Beethoven Remixed’, a project in which DJs have remixed Beethoven‘s much-loved Fifth Symphony and listeners are invited to do the same. Composer and turntablist Shiva Feshareki’s remix was broadcast on BBC Radio 3’s In Tune today, with other remixes to be played across the BBC radio stations over the course of the week. High Contrast, DJ and drum and bass producer, will also have his remix performed on Radio 1 next week.


The BBC National Orchestra has recorded and released the individual orchestral lines of Beethoven‘s Fifth Symphony for audiences and producers to create their own remixes of this much-loved work. These individual instrumental lines will be available to download free.

The winning entries will be performed on In Tune and Late Junction on BBC Radio 3.

Budding DJs can watch tutorials on the BBC Music YouTube page from hip-hop producer Ocean and electronic producer Rachel K Collier.


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