Classical music makes sleep-inducing Top Ten

Pitted against rock bands and teen idols, classical music holds its own for helping Britons get to sleep


A survey to find out what music British people like listening to before they go to sleep has revealed that 20 per cent of adults love hearing classical music at bedtime, the most popular sleep-inducing composers being Mozart, Beethoven and JS Bach.


The survey of 6,000 British adults, conducted by Travelodge Hotels, found that 84 per cent of Britons reported listening to music to help aid a good night’s sleep, with 13 per cent admitting they have nice dreams if they fall asleep when music is on.

The hotel chain has put together a Top Ten ‘Kip Chart’ from the findings. Mozart came in at number seven, making him the top sleep-inducing composer, with rock band Coldplay taking the top slot.

‘In today’s hectic fast-paced world, stress is the number one trigger for keeping 75 per cent of Britons awake at night,’ says Leigh McCarron, Travelodge sleep director. ‘The secret is to find a piece of music that will help you to unwind and most importantly give your brain peace of mind.’


Neil McKim