Daniel Hope is made Zurich Chamber Orchestra's music director

The British violinist to take over from Sir Roger Norrington

British violinist Daniel Hope
Published: May 5, 2015 at 8:26 am

The Zurich Chamber Orchestra has announced that Daniel Hope will be replacing Sir Roger Norrington as its music director. Due to take over the role in 2016, the British violinist has been praised by the orchestra’s director, Michael Bühler, who commends his ‘clear understanding of how to build bridges between genres and generations.’


Despite their first collaboration being in 2006, Hope’s connection with the Zurich Chamber Orchestra began during his childhood, when its performances of Mozart and Bach introduced him to the composers for the first time. ‘Being appointed music director is not only an honour for me,’ he said, ‘it also means that I have come full circle in my career.’

Taking up the violin at the age of four, Hope was first taught by Sheila Nelson, before moving on to the Royal College of Music six years later and then finishing his studies at the Royal Academy of Music. He has worked with numerous prestigious orchestras, including the Royal Philharmonic and the Chamber Orchestra of Europe, directing them from the violin.


Looking to the orchestra’s future, Hope aims ‘to cultivate [its] own special sound in the styles of all musical eras, and to put together a programme of music that will enthuse our audiences.’ Hope plans to develop the Zurich Chamber Orchestra’s international presence, beginning a new era in the ensemble’s history.

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