First female organist appointed at St Paul’s

A new musical appointment at St Paul’s Cathedral makes history

St Paul's Cathedral

Rachel Mahon, 24, has made musical history at St Paul’s Cathedral by becoming the first ever female organ scholar there.


The Canadian-born organist is currently organ scholar at Truro Cathedral and is one of an ever-growing number of female organists taking up prime positions in British cathedrals, including Chichester and Guildford.

Andrew Carwood, director of music at St Paul’s said: ‘We are delighted to welcome Rachel to the team where she will join a long line of fine organists associated with the musical tradition at the Cathedral.’

Ms Mahon will be joining organist Simon Johnson and sub-organist Timothy Wakerell in the Music Department at St Pauls.

Ms Mahon said: ‘I am thrilled to have been appointed organ scholar at St Paul’s Cathedral. It will be a privilege to work with such experienced musicians as Andrew, Simon and Timothy, in so magnificent and historical a setting.’

The organ scholar plays an active role in the musical life of St Paul’s, including performing for services and recitals, conducting choir rehearsals and helping with administration.

Ms Mahon will take on the role from Richard Moore, who has held the post for the past two years.


Holly Harrison