Manchester Collective to collaborate with leading restaurant in project bringing together food, drink and music

The Stockport restaurant Where The Light Gets In was awarded one of the very first green Michelin stars earlier this year for its sustainability credentials

Published: August 12, 2021 at 10:55 am

The Manchester Collective is no stranger to musical collaboration, but its upcoming project with Sam Buckley is a little different. Buckley is the chef behind Stockport's green Michelin-starred restaurant Where The Light Gets In, and has featured on Great British Menu. Together, they will host a series of events which bring together music, food, drink and stories.


The concerts and listening parties will take place at the restaurant, with guests invited to try the food and produce from the garden.

The collaboration between Buckley and the Manchester Collective will also feature the release of Breaking Bread, a new film that explores the project and motivations of the musicians and chefs, as well as a filmed meal and performance by soprano Ruby Hughes. The film will be screened at the restaurant later in the year.

Chef Sam Buckley, founder of Where The Light Gets In
Chef Sam Buckley, founder of Where The Light Gets In

The Michelin Green Star is awarded annually to restaurants that focus on sustainable practices in their food. Where The Light Gets In was one of the first recipients of this new award earlier this year.

The first event of the season will be a listening party (19 September), followed by a set of intimate performances of the Collective's Voice of the Whale and Neon shows, on 26 September and 22 May respectively.

Manchester Collective at WTLGI. Photo by Kat Wood
Manchester Collective performs at Where The Light Gets In

'Throughout the pandemic, the chefs at WTLGI, like us, were compelled to keep creating, to keep researching and growing,' says Adam Szabo, co-founder and chief executive of the Manchester Collective. 'Two "collectives" in search of an audience, through the process of our partnership we have become each other's audience, providing the artistic nourishment and exchange we both needed.'

WTLGI. Photo by Chloe Frejaville
Where The Light Gets In, Stockport

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