Education Minister Nick Gibb has announced an increase of £18 million in funding for UK music education.


The funding will be divided between the 123 music hubs around the country. With the increase, these hubs will receive a total of £75 million in funding during the next financial year.

Music hubs were set up in 2012 to subsidise music lessons and instrumental hire. They aim to give every five to 18 year-old the chance to learn an instrument as part of a classroom lesson for at least one term.

‘No education can be complete without arts and music playing a central role,' says Gibb. 'Music hubs have made a very encouraging start – and now we want to build on that. That is why we are increasing the funding by £18 million. No children should miss out on the inspiration and excitement that music can bring to their lives.’

Alan Davey, CEO of Arts Council England, has welcomed the news: 'We’re delighted at the increased opportunity it will bring to support all young people to enjoy music and develop their talents through a connected music education landscape.’


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