Opera singers star in charity calendar

Artists pictured in their 'offstage' lives

Jonathan Lemalu
Published: October 23, 2012 at 12:54 pm

The Musicians Benevolent Fund (MBF) has put together a calendar featuring opera singers ‘enjoying precious time off’. ‘Opera Offstage’ includes mezzo-soprano Susan Bickley spending time at the seaside, bass-baritone Jonathan Lemalu and son (above) exploring their ‘superhero’ sides, and bass Sir John Tomlinson in Father Christmas garb.


The 2013 calendar, which is being sold in aid of the MBF, was the brainchild of tenor Nicky Spence. An ambassador of the charity, the Scottish singer was supported by the MBF throughout his studies. He’s pictured being given a tattoo, as the face of November. Other featured artists include sopranos Renée Fleming, Lesley Garrett and Felicity Lott and bass-baritone Gerald Finley.


‘As we spend the bulk of our professional lives singing out the whims of ill-fated divas, heroes and ardent lovers, it is fun to be able to offer a vignette into the lives of opera singers off-duty,’ says Spence. ‘The ‘Opera Offstage’ calendar has turned into a glorious product, which we hope will find a loving wall in the home of many an Opera fan!’

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