Royal Albert Hall box for sale for £550,000

19th-century box for sale with 865 years on the lease

Published: August 3, 2011 at 8:41 am

A private box at the Royal Albert Hall, which can seat five people, is for sale for £550,000.


The box is the only one in the historic concert venue that still has its original 19th-century features, including timber veneer and mirrored panels, according to estate agent, Harrods Estate.

It is located on the second tier on the eastern side of the auditorium and has about 865 years remaining on its lease. Previous owners include Earl Spencer and the Duke of Devonshire, though the current owner has remained anonymous. The eventual buyer will not only be charged over half a million pounds, but also a £600 annual service charge for the box.

Sales and marketing director for Harrods Estate, Shirley Humphrey said: ‘The boxes at the Royal Albert Hall are extremely rare, and those with original features are even rarer, so we anticipate to receive a high level of interest.’

After the Royal Albert Hall was built in 1871, seats were sold to private individuals on a 999-year lease to fund the building. Queen Victoria purchased 20 of the 1,300 seats for £100 each, as well as the Queen’s box. These seats and the box are still owned by the Royal Family.


Stella Lorenz

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