The Royal Philharmonic Society (RPS) has awarded grants totaling £36,500 to 20 young composers and musicians. A total of £23,500 has been presented to music students to buy new instruments, while £13,000 has been given to young composers.

The young composers, as well as receiving £3,000 prize money each, have been commissioned to write works for performance throughout 2013. Christopher McAteer, Tom Coult and Arne Gieshoff will all write for the Philharmonia's 'Music for Today' series; David Önaç will write a new work for the 2013 Cheltenham Music Festival. In addition, the young composer Robert Peate, has been given a £1,000 commission for a solo piano piece to be performed at the 2013 Presteigne Festival.

A total of 15 students from British conservatoires and music colleges received grants to help them buy new instruments.

'The society takes a lead in supporting young talent,' said chairman of the RPS John Gilhooly. 'Increasingly, however, demand for our support far outstrips available resources, and this gap is widening. The implications are serious for both the individual and for music as a whole.' But Gilhooly went on to say that the RPS was determined to continue supporting young musician, adding 'The need to support young musicians has never been greater.'

Sophie Gadd


Jeremy PoundDeputy Editor, BBC Music Magazine

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