Bach, Buxtehude, Marcello, Krebs, Werner, Karg-Elert & Heiller

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COMPOSERS: Bach,Buxtehude,Karg-Elert & Heiller,Krebs,Marcello,Werner
LABELS: Proudsound
ALBUM TITLE: Collection: Bachconnections 2000
WORKS: Works for trumpet and organ by Bach, Buxtehude, Marcello, Krebs, Werner, Karg-Elert & Heiller
PERFORMER: Renaissance 2000: Jonathan Freeman-Attwood (trumpet), Colm Carey (organ)
The Baroque period has hitherto fared rather badly on discs featuring the modern trumpet, with over-indulgent ornamentation, unstylish phrasing and excessively loud, bright trumpet sound. This disc is different. The Bachconnections collection is an extremely well-conceived programme of Bach (mostly transcriptions) and related works, whose unifying thread is outlined in a stimulatingly detailed and informative booklet essay by multi-talented trumpeter, academic and Renaissance Man Jonathan Freeman-Attwood.


My one criticism of the programme concerns the three works from the 20th century by Werner, Karg-Elert and Heiller, which are perhaps included more for their respective ‘Bach connections’ than for their musical worth. Moreover, the transcription of the second Karg-Elert chorale prelude necessitates a change back to piccolo trumpet which is a slightly uncomfortable jolt, especially since the remarkably few intonation problems of the disc occur here.


The organ of the Dutch Church, Austin Friars, London, proves an ideal instrument for this repertoire. The registrations of the accomplished organist Colm Carey are well chosen and sensitively matched by Freeman-Attwood’s exquisitely controlled trumpet sound. Articulation and phrasing from both players is always stylish, but one could wish for more Italianate exuberance in the outer movements of the Marcello concerto. Deborah Calland