The Montreux Dream

LABELS: Warner/NVC Arts
WORKS: The BB King Montreux Workshop 1999
CATALOGUE NO: 8573-8/295-2


Claude Nobs could have been a brilliant chef, but a jazz pilgrimage to New York in the mid-Sixties and a meeting with Nesuhi Ertegun of Atlantic Records convinced him to set up a jazz festival in the Swiss town of Montreux.

THE MONTREUX DREAM follows the amiable Nobs during the 1999 festival, sharing some wonderful anecdotes along the way – from enticing Aretha Franklin with boxes of chocolates to satisfying Miles Davis’s taste for black Ferraris.


Montreux’s eclecticism is the key to its success. In 1999 you could have seen the Dubliners, REM, George Duke and BB KING, whose workshop, included as a 50-minute bonus on this disc, will please blues fans and guitarists alike.