Tango Argentina

COMPOSERS: Bardi,Expósito,Gardel,Piazzolla,Rodríguez,Salgán,Sarli
LABELS: EuroArts
WORKS: Works by Piazzolla, Salgán, Gardel, Bardi, Sarli, Rodríguez, Expósito etc
PERFORMER: Buenos Aires PO; Leopoldo Federico y su Orquesta Típica/Daniel Barenboim


For your alternative New Year’s Eve concert at sunset from downtown Buenos Aires, a temporary proscenium gradually draws in a good crowd of the committed and the curious to listen to tangos of two sizes.

Daniel Barenboim conducts the Orquesta Philharmonica de Buenos Aires in sumptuous arrangements by José Carli of classics by the likes of Gardel and Piazzolla, some of them assembled into longer medleys, in alternation with the Orquesta Típica of the veteran bandoleon star Leopoldo Federico.

Sometimes a couple of dancers put on a top-class demonstration of the tango’s flowing sensual movements, at a deceptively easy pace that belies the fast footwork. Energy levels rise as daylight fades.

Explaining to the audience that he was born a few minutes’ walk away, Barenboim wisely doesn’t try to impose himself on the players, content to help shape solo melodies and determine the overall, fairly relaxed pacing while letting the players present rhythm and feeling as they know best.


Federico’s band is fronted by the impressive sight of five bandoleons, around which half a dozen strings and a piano weave their authentic magic. Robert Maycock