Gershwin, Prado, Tchaikovsky, Bacharach, etc

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COMPOSERS: Bacharach,etc,Gershwin,Prado,Tchaikovsky
LABELS: Chandos Collect
ALBUM TITLE: Collection: Brian Kay Presents the King’s Singers
WORKS: Songs
PERFORMER: King’s Singers; Gordon Langford Trio
CATALOGUE NO: CHAN 6562 ADD Reissue (1971)
Well I remember. The King’s Singers had just begun to flourish when I arrived at university in 1972. We all thought they were the bees’ knees with their clever mélange: madrigals and motets, closely harmonised versions of folksongs, oh-so-daring versions of Simon and Garfunkel. We played their recordings in each other’s rooms in the mellow early hours. Absurdly, we even tried, sometimes, to ape them. But now the big boys from Cambridge, talented, clever, and a bit posh (with such care they Americanise ‘daughter’ to ‘dorder’ in ‘Shenandoah’), now sound just like the undergraduates they had only recently ceased to be. Time has passed, expectations and experiences are changed, and I can only smile a nostalgic smile. Stephen Pettitt