Brahms, Bart—k, Delvincourt & Paganini

COMPOSERS: Bartok,Brahms,Delvincourt & Paganini
LABELS: INA Mémoire Vive
ALBUM TITLE: Christian Ferras
WORKS: Works by Brahms, Bartók, Delvincourt & Paganini
PERFORMER: Christian Ferras (violin); Pierre Barbizet (piano)
No such textual blemishes mar the recital given by another long established duo, violinist Christian Ferras and pianist Pierre Barbizet. Ferras’s intense vibrato may seem a little overheated in the slow movement of Brahms’s D minor Violin Sonata, though the subtle interaction between violin and piano, both here and in the rest of work, illustrates the benefits of performers working intensively together over the same repertoire for several years. While Ferras’s overwrought tone doesn’t always suit Brahms, it seems tailor-made for Bartók, whose Second Violin Sonata is delivered with a searing intensity that perfectly matches the volcanic nature of the musical argument. After the labours of Brahms and Bartók, Claude Delvincourt’s Danceries provide an unexpected but delightful discovery. Performed by Ferras and Barbizet with such good-natured humour and elegance, they hardly deserve to languish in obscurity, and this fine recording might persuade other violinists to take them up.