Hindemith, Borkovec

COMPOSERS: Borkovec,Hindemith
LABELS: Supraphon Karel Ancerl Gold Edition
WORKS: Violin Concerto; Cello Concerto; Piano Concerto No. 2
PERFORMER: André Gertler (violin), Paul Tortelier (cello), Antonín Jemelík (piano); Czech PO/Karel Ancerl
The latest batch in the Ancerl Gold Edition gives a good cross-section of the conductor’s tastes, and among the distinguished soloists, Tortelier is eloquent in Hindemith’s Cello Concerto, though Gertler is more straitlaced in the one for violin. But Ancerl is firmly in control in both pieces, and in the Borkovec, a pleasant but anonymous work in a generalised mid-20th-century idiom – Bartók meets Hindemith meets Prokofiev and so on.