Duphly: Pièces pour clavecin

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LABELS: ASV Gaudeamus
WORKS: Pièces pour clavecin
PERFORMER: Mitzi Meyerson (harpsichord)
The output of Jacques Duphly (1715-89), who worked as an organist in Rouen before moving to Paris to concentrate on the harpsichord, contrasts music of energetic virtuosity with pieces of more reflective, poetic mood. Duphly was fully acquainted with the connoisseurs and professionals of his time, and his music shows the influence of various composers, including Rameau (La Boucon) and Scarlatti (Légèrement).


On the present disc, Mitzi Meyerson’s selection from Duphly’s first three books of harpsichord works, which were published in 1744, 1748 and 1758 respectively, amply demonstrates this compositional range.

In performance, Meyerson demonstrates a sympathetic response to the textural variety of the music, as every mood is characterised with appropriate rhythmic fluidity. Her sound technique and musical judgement are as effective in virtuoso pieces such as La Vanlo or La Victoire as they are in the frank simplicity of Les Graces or the meditative Rondeau in D. The noble rondeau La Félix and the sombre homage to the virtuoso bass-violist La Forqueray are especially striking.

The Goble instrument is recorded with admirable clarity in the ample acoustic of St James, Clerkenwell. Devotees will already know this recording, which originally appeared in 1986; newcomers will be keen to hear more.


Nicholas Rast