Sor, Giuliani

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COMPOSERS: Giuliani,Sor
LABELS: Bridge
WORKS: Five Short Pieces; Fantaisie, Op. 58; Six Lessons, Op. 31
PERFORMER: David Starobin (guitar)
Fernando Sor and Mauro Giuliani were near contemporaries, and David Starobin’s intention on this disc is to highlight the more sober side of these composers, each an acknowledged master of the somewhat specialised art of composing for classical guitar, but each also prone to write music that emphasised almost to a fault the instrument’s – and their own – aptitude for virtuoso display. No fear of that here, for everything has an artful charm. Giuliani’s contribution includes a version, complete with his own idiomatic interpolations, of the Irish song ‘Gary Owen’ and some winning variations on the Scottish song ‘The Blue Bells of Scotland’, together with the 12 Waltzes, Op. 57. The Sor pieces meanwhile include the three-movement Fantaisie, Op. 58, as well as the Six Lessons, Op. 31 and five other brief miscellaneous works. David Starobin, closely miked, plays everything with full, sonorous tone and confident articulation. Stephen Pettitt