Dan Berglund : Tonbruket

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4.0 out of 5 star rating 4.0

COMPOSERS: Tonbruket
PERFORMER: Dan Berglund (bass), Johan Lindström (guitars, piano), Martin Hederos (keyboards), Andreas Werliin (drums)


The name of the former EST bassist’s quartet, touring the UK this month, translates as ‘sound factory’, since what the group delivers is a music with a bewildering array of influences which are nonetheless expertly managed. But what’s most striking is its deployment of instrumental timbre as a compositional element that’s as significant as the actual notes.

The influences, ranging from quasi-folk to modern chamber music to thumping stadium rock (and there’s a whole soundworld to be discovered in the simple act of playing loud music on relatively quiet instruments) reflect the diverse backgrounds of the musicians, here knitted together into a commendable unity of purpose.


The music’s rhythmic elements, even at their most insistent, are handled with just enough of that fractionally-behind-the-beat approach to attract jazz listeners. Sonically, alas, the disc loses stars for being oddly grainy in parts, almost as if it had come pre-ripped to MP3. Roger Thomas