Keith Jarrett: Somewhere

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COMPOSERS: Keith Jarrett
ALBUM TITLE: Keith Jarrett: Somewhere
WORKS: Somewhere
PERFORMER: Standards Trio: Keith Jarrett (piano), Gary Peacock (double bass), Jack Dejohnette (drums)


Reconvened at intervals over the past three decades, the Standards Trio continues to demonstrate how non-standard jazz standards can be, while just about remaining in sight of their originals. Following the songs’ signatures amid all the inversions, implied harmonies and general contrariness that has always characterised this group’s sound is half the fun, though Jarrett’s penchant for improvising entire two-handed arrangements will never endear the trio to those who don’t like tampering with the tunes.

The album opens with a three-minute chromatic exposition by Jarrett that sets out the parameters of the group and, as the music develops, Peacock and DeJohnette provide just the right amount of anchorage. The sound is slightly more up front than is usual for ECM (perhaps pointing to Jarrett’s production credit?), serving the music well.


Roger Thomas