The Rath Pack Live in London

LABELS: Woodville
PERFORMER: The Rath Pack


This kind of experimentation with the ensemble make-up is something that British jazz could do with more of: unusual instrumentations are discouragingly rare in this side of the music.

So it’s agreeable to welcome The Rath Pack Live in London, which offers the three trombones of Bert Boeren, Marc Godfroid and Britain’s own Mark Nightingale along with John Horler (piano), Mark Hodgson (bass) and Clark Tracey (drums).

Not that this group take any great liberties: it’s three-man voicings, a solo each, and then out again, most of the way. The pleasure comes from hearing this often derided instrument being handled with such beautiful dexterity and supple tone. They’re smooth, spotless players, bop lines unreeled with fastidious clarity.


The unisons are so sweetly delivered that you can almost bask in the sound. And there’s always the great Clark Tracey to listen to even if you get tired of the trombones.