COMPOSERS: De Vito,Taylor,Towner
LABELS: Provocateur
PERFORMER: Maria Pia de Vito (v), John Taylor (p), Ralph Towner (g)


Here are two superb mixed-nationality trio albums which demonstrate just how universal and broad-based jazz excellence has become. The first trio comprises a Greek pianist, a Norwegian bassist and an English drummer, and the second brings together an Italian singer, an English pianist and an American guitarist. Both albums are dynamic and very poetic, and each has its own very special atmosphere.

Verso presents another trio of virtuosi, and all the material is composed by members of the group. De Vito is a remarkable singer, who can breathe life into lyrics and also scat with brilliant musicality. The title track is composed by all three and she scats all the way, with Taylor and Towner banging ecstatic rhythms on the wood of their instruments.


There are bravura pieces – Taylor’s ‘Afterthought’ – haunting laments – De Vito and Towner’s ‘L’ombre e la Gracia’ – and sweetly passionate vocals – De Vito’s ‘Scugnizzeide’. It’s an enthralling tour de force.