José Serebrier conducts transcriptions of Bach, Tchaikovsky, Wagner, Musorgsky, Purcell and Boccherini by Stokowski

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COMPOSERS: Bach,Boccherini,Musorgsky,Purcell,Tchaikovsky,Wagner
ALBUM TITLE: Stokowski
WORKS: Transcriptions of Bach, Tchaikovsky, Wagner, Musorgsky, Purcell, Boccherini
PERFORMER: Timothy Walden (cello); Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra/José Serebrier
CATALOGUE NO: 8.578305 (2005-09)

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Stokowski’s arrangements added technicolour to music that was often pretty colourful already. The results – almost endearing in their unashamed excesses – are conveyed with some aplomb.

Jessica Duchen

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