Acoustic Triangle.

COMPOSERS: Acoustic Triangle.
LABELS: Concord
ALBUM TITLE: 3 Dimensions
PERFORMER: Acoustic Triangle, Malcom Creese (bass), Tim Garland (sax), Gwilym Simcock (piano); Sacconi Strings: Ben Hancox, Hannah Dawson, Charlotte Scott, Emma Parker (violin), Robin Ashwell (viola), Cara Berridge (cello)
For this album Malcolm Creese’s group is expanded to nine players, or arguably ten since the three suites on this CD were conceived to take account of the acoustics in the cathedrals and abbeys which the group is currently touring, a situation in which the building itself effectively becomes an instrument. Merging string ensembles into jazz is an approach with a small but robust tradition behind it (John Surman, for instance), but equipped with the compositions of Garland and Simcock, Creese has created an original and vigorous hybrid which weaves a melodically rarefied form of jazz into everything from salon music to the modernism and the pastoralism of the likes of Britten and Tippett. This kind of thing can go horribly wrong, but the results here are impressive in their utter rightness both musically and sonically. Roger Thomas