Lhasa de Sela

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COMPOSERS: Lhasa de Sela
LABELS: Warner
ALBUM TITLE: Lhasa de Sela
WORKS: Lhasa de Sela
PERFORMER: Lhasa de Sala
Francois Lalonde, Jean Massicotte, Ibrahim Maalouf
CATALOGUE NO: 5050467-0122-2-6
Lhasa de Sela created the shapeshifting


album of 2004 and it will be

essential listening in 2005 following

her BBC Radio 3 World Music

Americas award. Like La Llorona,

Lhasa’s stunning debut which

brought her an influential following

in France and Canada, The Living

Road is a compelling sequence of

magical story songs. Sung equally

convincingly in Spanish, English

and French, each song is rooted

in the inner world of a Mexican-

American resident in MontrŽal,

informed by a nomadic childhood

and family schooling in fairy tales,

powerful dreams and love.

Musical influences move from

mariachi to klezmer, and Ibrah’m

Malouf’s alluring Arabic trumpet

on ‘Anywhere on this road’ is

just one stunning moment on an

album which breaks boundaries

through the potent relationship

between image-laden lyrics and

an acoustic music underpinned by

subtle electronic touches. Lhasa’s

intriguing voice seduces you into


her unique world. Jan Fairley