COMPOSERS: LisztChizhikVustinKancehliBakshiPelecisDunayevsky
ALBUM TITLE: Kremerland
WORKS: Dante Sonata
PERFORMER: Kremerata BalticaGidon Kremer
CATALOGUE NO: 474 8012
Judging by the extraordinary


contents of this CD, Kremerland is

certainly a country that inquisitive

travellers should consider visiting.

The musical terrain is full of

unexpected delights and points of

interest, with surprises guaranteed at

almost every juncture. Prospective

tourists should not be daunted by the

first item that they may encounter on

their journey, for although in many

people’s minds Liszt’s Dante Sonata

could not have been conceived for

any other instrument than the piano,

Sergei Dreznin’s recasting of the

work as a concerto for solo violin and

string orchestra is simply inspired,

the performance and exemplary

recording serving to intensify the

music’s dare-devil virtuosity and

harmonic complexity.

There’s no time to draw breath

after the Liszt before you are taken

on a rollercoaster ride where Mozart

joins forces with Brazilian samba

and classic Jazz (Chizhik) and

familiar dance rhythms of tango and

ragtime are subjected to startling

transformations (Vustin and

Kancheli). Then, there’s a moment

of frustration as you try to make a

connection for your mobile phone

(Bakshi) before you take refuge in

a visit round the capital city with

a friend (Pel?csis). The final riproaring

treat is a visit to the circus

(Dunayevsky) which allows you the

welcome opportunity to let your hair

down before you have to travel back


home. Erik Levi