Live at the Kereva Jazz Festival 2004

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COMPOSERS: Live at the Kereva Jazz Festival 2004
ALBUM TITLE: Henry Grimes Trio
WORKS: Henry Grimes Trio
PERFORMER: Henry Grimes, David Murray, Hamid Drake
Bassist Henry Grimes was considered


one of the free jazz movement’s

most valuable team players before

he dropped out of music around

1967. His return to playing in 2002

made headlines, and the proof of

his regained instrumental prowess,

physical stamina and powers of

invention lies in his first recording as

a leader since 1965, flanked by David

Murray’s mastery on tenor sax and

bass clarinet and drummer Hamid

Drake’s crisp, responsive timekeeping.

The programme’s two long main

tracks stand out for Grimes’s adroit

bowed double stops that effortlessly

slither across the instrument’s registers,

plus a respect for resonance and quality

of tone that governs his canny note

choices no matter what tempo. And

‘Blues for Savannah’ reveals Grimes’s

unimpaired mastery in a more

‘straight ahead’ context. He sounds


happy to be back. Jed Distler