Ojos de Brujo

COMPOSERS: Ojos de Brujo
LABELS: Diquela Records
ALBUM TITLE: Ojos de Brujo
WORKS: Techari
PERFORMER: Ojos de Brujo
Another cutting edge group of European fusionistas are Barcelona’s ojos de brujo. Their inspired mix of flamenco and Catalan rumba with DJ ‘scratchismo’, reggae, funk, hip hop and various world music flavours is very much the ‘now sound of Spain’. This third album is a confident progression rather than any radical departure, as the eight-strong collective cast their net wider in search of collaborators. These include Senegalese rapper Faada Freddy, Cuban pianist and arranger Roberto Carcassés, flamenco singer Martirio and the pounding bhangra beats of Asian Dub Foundation. Techari isn’t as immediate as their 2004 breakthrough Bari, but is more consistent overall.