Peter and the Wolf

COMPOSERS: Prokofiev
LABELS: Arthaus Musik
PERFORMER: Royal Ballet School
CATALOGUE NO: 100026 ………#D14


New technology doesn’t always make for better viewing, at least not where dance is concerned.

Even though DVD may produce a better class of image for the TV screen, it can’t alter the fact that the screen remains a screen, rather than a three-dimensional space, and that the images we see are only miniature versions of the stage event. We still have a long way to go before the experience of watching dance in our sitting rooms is remotely comparable to seeing it live.


Hart’s Peter and the Wolf is mote modestly staged but is nonetheless an endearingly imagined realisation ot Prokofiev’s familiar -musical tale. Anthony Dowell narrates the story, as well as dancing DVD SPECIAL a vividly menacing grandfather, and the other roles are performed by children from the Royal Ballet School. His is as close as ballet gets to cartoon, simple, bright and easy for even the smallest children to follow.