Rachel Unthank (Voice, cello, ukulele etc) et a

COMPOSERS: cello,Rachel Unthank (Voice,ukulele etc) et a
ALBUM TITLE: Rachel Unthank
WORKS: The Bairns
PERFORMER: Rachel Unthank (Voice, cello, ukulele etc) et a
CATALOGUE NO: 5.09995E+12
Equally fond of rounds are Rachel Unthank & the Winterset, an all-woman quartet creating a stir on the newly resurgent Britfolk scene with their sophomore album The Bairns. Their rough-hewn and somewhat long-winded takes on the traditional songs of Northumberland are sprinkled with original songs and ‘pop’ covers, most notably Robert Wyatt’s ‘Sea Song’. They focus on ‘the gloom and the fret’ side of things, but a palpable sense of humour saves them from sounding too melodramatic.