Shahid Parvez, Shashank

COMPOSERS: Shahid Parvez,Shashank
LABELS: Sense World
PERFORMER: Shahid Parvez, Subramanium
CATALOGUE NO: Sense World 095
Fifteen years ago shashank was a child flute prodigy. Now he’s an innovator: in this live performance he sometimes plays in octaves. But the biggest thrill of the recording is the way all four players (there’s a percussionist from each main Indian tradition) fire one another up. The long slow opening has captivating beauty, and as energy levels heighten, so do competitive feats and – just as important – mutual listening. Shashank plays a duet with himself, and Shahid Parvez elsewhere is his match in ingenuity and eloquence. A concluding drum duet maintains the flair.


Robert Maycock