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COMPOSERS: VivaldiLocatelliTartini
ALBUM TITLE: VivaldiLocatelliTartini
WORKS: Violin Concertos
PERFORMER: Giuliano CarmignolaVenice Baroque OrchestraAndrea Marcon
CATALOGUE NO: 474 5172
Giuliano Carmignola and Andrea


Marcon are regular collaborators,

though their previous Vivaldi

recordings have tended to stick to

better-known works. The B flat

Concerto is unusual in that it calls for

a double string orchestra, particularly

effective at the opening, where the

forthright tutti is echoed in the

distance. All this is well caught by

the rich and detailed recording, as is

Carmignola – he’s not as adventurous

a player as Nigel Kennedy in this

repertoire, but there’s a lot of

character, together with a sweet and focused sound. He’s very careful

with vibrato and articulation, and

his rubato bends the pulse without

breaking it. This comes together most

affectingly in the Largo of the E minor

Concerto, where he caresses the solo

line in the most sensuous way.

The Locatelli isn’t as musically

gripping – too often it falls into offthe-

shelf Baroque sequences – but

it gives Carmignola an opportunity

for fireworks, though a few notes

don’t quite emerge cleanly at speed.

Otherwise he’s technically on top

of everything, and the trumpetlike

sound of his first entry in the

Tartini is a real feat of tonal control,

contrasting with the tenderness of the

slow movement, and its alternative,

included as a welcome bonus track.


Martin Cotton