A stunning start to a Schumann song odyssey from Christian Gerhaher


‘Both in his musical and literary responses, Christian Gerhaher leaves nothing unquestioned. Each word is weighed. Each note calibrated. Yet for all that, seemingly spontaneous and instinctive, the result is neither overegged nor loses sight of the overarching impulse. When it comes to line and shading, resolute truthfulness is all.’


R Schumann

Sechs Gesänge, Op. 107; Romanzen und Balladen, Op. 95; Warnung, Op. 119 No. 2; Drei Gesänge, Op. 83; Gedichte von Justinus Kerner, Op. 35, etc

Christian Gerhaher (baritone), Gerold Huber (piano)

Sony 19075889192   72 mins


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